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Handcuffed Police, Degraded Dogs

Two of the best assets in crime prevention are politically incorrect, why?



Water For Man's Best Friend

A man and his dog were walking along a road when it occurred to him...



Letters To The Editor

Sharing info on barn hunts, dog rape, AKC juniors, coronavirus and unsubscribing.



So God Made A Dog

God had a plan (and a bucket list) so He made a dog to be man's best friend.



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The Downside Of Dogdom

Do neutered dogs shed more/less hair? Causes of skin infections, odor and more!



Brave Dog And Justice Dead

Dog owner was attacked in broad daylight while walking his dog but it gets worse!



Border Agents Whipped By Press

Is our press controlled by forces that destroy American democracy and freedom?



Help A Grieving Pet When Owner Dies

Dogs can suffer overwhelming grief when their owner dies. Here's how you can help.



Menu For Meat Eaters: Send us your dog food recipes and you may win

$cash or other prizes, email Contest@TheDogPress.com



Matter Of Taste To A Dog

A shorter intestinal tract, the Creator’s plan, dogs suffer no ill effects.



Horses Reign On Biden Border

Horse patrols can handle the border so back off and worry about your city!



Epidemic Of Forced Quarantine

Can you be forcibly removed from your LIFE to prevent spreading disease??



Wild Horse Roundup

Gut-wrenching VIDEO of the slaughter of America's wild-west heritage.



AKC Minutes and AKC Suspensions!

The NetPlacesNetwork is the FIRST and ONLY source for searchable American Kennel Club records, from 1999 to current. Before you do business with someone or trust them with your dog, don't depend on gossip, look them up. You might even want to look up a judge!



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