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Psychosis & Cruelty

Watching the riots in Venezuela, my dog-breeder-to-be daughter asked which shapes social behavior more, genetics or environment?


Rabies Challenge Fund

Top veterinary vaccine researchers on rabies vaccine risk then and now and how the Rabies Vaccine Challenge Fund works.

Oxytocin Magic

He recognizes sadness, joy or annoyance as you glance at him but here's why communication is so uniquely developed in your dog!


Survival Plan

Psychology professor's detailed plan for pet owners with "Normalcy Bias" who need essential reality in today's turbulent times!

AKC Board Minutes, Reports, Archives

Once upon a time, there was the American Kennel Club Gazette. Today you have to go to their website. TheDogPress.com is the ONLY source for searchable AKC records from 1999 to current.


Suspended From AKC!

Before you do business with a breeder, handler, or trust someone with your dog, take a few minutes to look them up. It's the first and ONLY compiled, searchable historical record. You might even want to look up a judge!


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No Margins. No Limits. No Kidding.




Fri. Sept 27 - Sun. Sept 29, 8 am - 6 pm each day

at Columbia Park, Kennewick, WA


3 All Breed Confirmation, Obedience & Rally Competitions


For more information click Richland Kennel Club

Veteran Class Judging

Multi-Group Judge E. Katie Gammill shares her view of this most SPECIAL class filled with emotion, memories and canine grandeur.


Vaccines Cause Cancer?

The medical media question is whether polio shots of the 50s and 60s account for soaring cancer rates in people and our pets?

Life Lessons From A Hero

They're all around us, ordinary people with extraordinary pasts who affect us in subtle but meaningful ways. Joe Byer was our friend.


Is The GSD A Dog?

This German Shepherd Dog judge says there’s more to it since the days of Max von Stephanitz and his colleagues in the 1960s.

8 All-Breed Confirmation, Obedience and Rally Trials


4 Clubs, 8 shows, 9 days!


Sept. 14-15, Flathead Kennel Club of Montana, and Sept. 16-17, Electric City Kennel Club, Montana Expo Park, 400 3rd St NW, Great Falls, MT.


Sept. 19-20, Gallatin Dog Club, and Sept. 21-22, Helena Montana Kennel Club, Lewis & Clark Co. Fairgrounds, 98 W Custer, Helena, MT.


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