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Horse Soring, Animal Fighting

Support these two protection amendments, enhancing the existing laws!



Awakening With My Dogs

My old dog nudges my hand. I smile, knowing she will be ready today.



Defunding The Police Videos

The issue of Defunding is not funny but these videos are...



NetPlaces Network Background

We received a challenge regarding website and author authenticity...



*29 million Google returns - 1.2 million individual visitors

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Activity Adjustments For Older Dogs

As your dog ages, routine activities become difficult, modifications are necessary.



Animal Lovers Must Turn It Around

A fair point of view about dogs in national media and public conversation..


Why Animal Lovers Must Turn It Around


Emergency Supplies For Pet Owners

Critical, common sense safety and provisions information for animal owners.



Certified Dog Breeders

Meet the Royal Dog Of Japan, a dignified capable protector preserved by top breeders.



Do you qualify to become a Certified Breed Representative?


NetPlaces Network Mission Statement

Launched in 1998, WE are for dogs, not for profit. Click to share our Mission and become a Charter Member.



Menu For Meat Eaters: Send us your dog food recipes and you may win

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What Does Your Dog Want?

Dogs are “up front” but some canine problems can be more subtle...



Is COVID-19 A War Weapon?

Do new facts and video reveal reason to worry about germ warfare?



Killing Nature's Best Friend

Wolves keep the planet clean but Idaho’s governor ordered extermination!



Countries That Still Eat Dogs

Enemies undermine freedom and customs, dogs are at our side, never a plate!



AKC Minutes and AKC Suspensions!

The NetPlacesNetwork is the FIRST and ONLY source for searchable American Kennel Club records, from 1999 to current. Before you do business with someone or trust them with your dog, don't depend on gossip, look them up. You might even want to look up a judge!



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