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Dog Groomer Reality Show

There's a perception that being a dog groomer is a fun job LETTERS TO THE EDITOR FROM DOG SHOW JUDGES, BREEDERS, EXHIBITORS & HANDLERSwhere we get to play with dogs all day, talk baby talk, get tons of kisses and lotsa thanks!


Letters To The Editor

Readers respond to Parent Club Certification, ideas to Save The Sport, vaccines = Kidney Failure, exhibitors Dog Show Illusions, Lyme Vaccine Reaction, and Letter from FinlandClick  To Send A Letter

Rimadyl Liver Failure

Heartbreaking but critically informative; this reader, a medical professional, lost her dog to Rimadyl.  Symptoms, Cornell University biopsy and pathology results...


AKC Public Relations

Puzzling response to press query on what AKC is doing about a specific 2017 example of NC state anti-dog owner legislation.

AKC Board Minutes, Reports, Archives

Once upon a time, there was the printed American Kennel Club Gazette.  Today you have to go to the AKC website.  Today this is the ONLY online source for over a decade of searchable records and information from 2002 forward.


AKC Suspensions!

It pays to know if and why someone has been suspended.  Before you do business with a breeder, handler, or trust someone with your dog, take a few minutes to look them up. It's the first and ONLY compiled, searchable historical record.  You might even want to look up a judge!

Previous "Top Dog" Columns

No Margins. No Limits. No Kidding.



Killing A Lobster

Col. Harper sees killing a lobster, six-gun justice, and breast feeding a baby as more American than obscene protestors and animal rights legislation.


Political Tyranny

How to get the law on your side by knowing the law, your God-given and Constitutional Rights and the historical background this expert delivers...

Top AKC Judges List

SHOW SECRETARIES!!! Simple, searchable list of top dog show judges including their contact information and the Groups for which they are AKC approved.


Pet Food Cruelties

FDA forbid feeding growth hormones to chickens but forced-molting starvation is a horrible cruelty that creates a greater health risk to your family and pets...

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