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Doctors Debate China Virus

Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci, may be the best information on COVID!



Pegasus, New Cell Phone Spyware

Animal Rights rob you of your freedoms but now Pegasus...



Point Of View

This poem by renowned AKC Judge, is super-short and will stay in your thoughts...



Elephants Today, Dogs Tomorrow

Elephants are permanently retired or worse. The implications are chilling.



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CDC Bans Importation Of Rescue Dogs

Cancel your flight! No dogs from any country at risk for rabies, effective now.



Animal Trainer Extraordinaire!

Meet one of America’s foremost multi-species trainers and performers.



Why Import A Million Mutts?

Our dog pounds are full of vet-checked American dogs that need adopting!



Dog Show Judges

Want an exclusive interview published in TheJudgesPlace.com?



Menu For Meat Eaters: Send us your short dog food recipes and you may win $cash or other prizes,

email Contest@TheDogPress.com



Is The Purebred Dog In Decline?

Dog fanciers have new perspectives and genetic insight on the future of dogs.



Why Dog Is God Spelled Backward

Dog owners agree, this famous religious scholar explains why it became an adage!



Canine Species Bonding Analysis

Humans and dogs don't mate for life, but we rank highest in interspecies bonding!



Vigor And Longevity

Judge Lanting confirms handlers, judges and dog owners live longer through lifestyle choices.



AKC Minutes and AKC Suspensions!

The NetPlacesNetwork is the FIRST and ONLY source for searchable American Kennel Club records, from 1999 to current. Before you do business with someone or trust them with your dog, don't depend on gossip, look them up. You might even want to look up a judge!



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