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Politics & Dog Owners

AZ Senator Flake threw Judge Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation into chaos, he'll only vote for him if the FBI cleares him.


Diabetes Cause & Effect

Diabetes in these breeds is common in 2018, you can prevent the debilitating and costly disease by knowing this simple dietary fact.

Handy Doggy Things

The first thing to know about a dog? Although he's been with people longer than any animal, he is an animal, not a human child.


Dog's Bedtime Prayer

A poem as short as a Bulldog's tail, it is loyalty without fail, so thank you Lord for giving me, the dog that shares his bed with me...



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Once upon a time, there was the printed American Kennel Club Gazette.  Today you have to go to the AKC website.  We are the ONLY source for searchable AKC records from 1999 to current.


AKC Suspensions!

83 year old Miniature Schnauzer breeder suspended plus reversals, updates and inconsistencies which appeared in previous Board Minutes were called to our attention by an alert subscriber. We contacted Gina Dinardo, AKC Executive Secretary who graciously provided the corrections.




DoodleDog nibbled on some great info from readers reporting on teeth-cleaning problem, bitch hides puppies, sexual abuse, killer-drugs in this dog food, tax payer funded biological weapons, poison grapes


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Previous "Top Dog" Columns

No Margins. No Limits. No Kidding.


Pet Leasing Scam

Pet shop rip-offs are so common that CBS news reported it again in September 2018 and sadly, the non-profit AKC is complicit.


Funniest Dog Show

From a multi-group judge, it is what it says and it will bring back your fondest memories and the real reason we show our dogs.

Is Your Dog A Democrat?

You love animals, dogs in particular. So what could be political about that? Forget about "animal rights" and show ring politics, this dog's a democrat!


Shakespeare's Dogs

Scientist, dog show judge and literary genius combines his love of dogs and Shakespeare in this literally fascinating read.

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