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Masks, Muzzles, Monsters

Doberman owner reports the effect of COVID-19-masked strangers on her trained assistance dog that is also a traditional guarding breed.


More Than Pandemic

COVID-19 launched an epidemic of violence which may have been the objective because it lays waste to U.S. economy and societal values.

COVID-19 In England

International judge-owner of premier import-export-boarding kennels reports dog shows cancelled and U.K. losses equal to American businesses and dog owners.


Dog A Picky Eater?

Dogs aren’t picky. If I were to drop my car keys on the floor, my dogs would be on them like a duck on a June bug.


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AKC Better Genetics?

Does it signify outstanding breed type, personality, function and soundness - unless these hidden factors come into play…


High Flight

A short but most important reminder of the human and animal heroes that gave their lives to win the freedom you enjoy today.

Dribble In Kibble

Carnivores don't eat corn or wheat, they eat meat. Whether it’s a first kill or remains of another, it isn’t dry.


Pollen, Vinegar and..

Honey for burns, bee pollen for allergies, raspberry for whelping, goats milk for diarrhea, bleach for burns, and a whole lot more...


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