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Deadly Dog Food and Chews

Are food INGREDIENTS American or imported? Who tests the food? Major company CEO comments on chew stick fatality. Facts you need to know!



Different Age Littermates

SURVEY: Have YOU or a friend ever had a newborn puppy that was much smaller and advanced differently during the first 30 days? If so, share your experience here.



Handy Dandy Doggy Things To Know

What's the first thing to know about a dog? Understand that your dog is a dog, not a human child and why most "dog bites" are not...





We are the first and ONLY compiled, historical record source for over a decade of searchable records and information (1999 - forward).  Also, before you do business with a breeder, handler, or trust someone with your dog, take a few minutes to look them up. You might even want to look up a judge!



Certified Dog Breeder

Meet the Royal Dog Of Japan, a dignified capable protector preserved by top breeders.


Do you qualify to become a Certified Breed Representative?



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