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Really Religious Squirrel Solution



Squirrels love to tease dogs, who has more fun, the ever-optimistic dog or the chattering prey?


Crop & Dock, Same Old Tune



It's been done for decades with minor short-term discomfort and long-term benefits.


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Dog Show Judges Have Opinions



This multi-group judge has seen the dog show sport inside and out and opinions count!


Meet Bobbi King



Quality purebred dogs from a qualified breeder, visit Bobbi King today.


Do you qualify to become a Certified Breed Representative?


Top AKC Dog Show Judges

Searchable list, and if you are AKC approved and want to be interviewed, email


AKC Suspensions


AKC SUSPENDED INDEX: The first (1999) and ONLY historical source of AKC suspensions, penalties, reprimands. Search American Kennel Club records by person's name, state, charges, or penalty.


Before you do business with or trust someone with your dog, look them up!


An e-book by Nel Liquorman



The adverse effects that are harmful to you, your children and pets.


Kennels & Horse Farms Realty



Devoted exclusively to Kennel Properties and Horse Farms for sale in the U.S.!


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