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COVID Vaccine: To Be Shot Or Not?

Weigh potential long-term side effects vs. belief that vaccine fully protects you.



Best Anti-Depressant, Puppy Or Pill?

Thatís a no-brainer for dog owners, when faced with an upside-down world!



"Feed Me!" Said The Family Dog

How parents taught their son responsibility and taking care of his dog.



K-9 Officer Broken By Covid

What happened to this police dog handler is criminal!



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Show Dog Or Family Pet?

Respected dog show judge explains the difference between pet and show dogs.



Soldiers, K9 Police Nix Covid Vaccine

Should they be penalized for refusing? What do they know that we donít?



Torturing Dogs Makes Animal Rights Right!

Dogs bred and born to be handicapped give Animal Rights whackos credibility.



Wolf In Your Dog

What is the origin of the dog? Was he a wolf or was he always a dog?



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Dog Dies In Yellowstone Hot Springs

Dog with you on vacation? Dogs are dogs and need your common sense.



The Mask Method Of Domination

Are Mask mandates more about controlling us or keeping us healthy?



Fertility In Purebreds

Purebred dog's reproductive ability vs. mutts is filled with MISSconceptions.



AKC Minutes and AKC Suspensions!

The NetPlacesNetwork is the FIRST and ONLY source for searchable American Kennel Club records, from 1999 to current. Before you do business with someone or trust them with your dog, don't depend on gossip, look them up. You might even want to look up a judge!



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